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Our Process

The Quintessence of handcraft and experience

Your Own Unique Style

You can start developing the style of a gentlement with us. Since 1990, Veston Ngoclan has never ceased trying our best to bring the highest quality service and products to our customers. Through understanding, passion and dedication, we have been trusted by gentlemen from Vietnam as well as from around the world.  


Nowadays, a suit can have many styles and details, it doesn't confined to any fix set of rules. At Veston Ngoclan, we always listen to our Client's want and need, usage circumstances, frequency of use, personal style and habits. With that understanding, our experts will give personal recommendations about style, fit, material and special "tweaks" to create garments that not only complying with industry's technical standards, but also flattering your body shape with the right amount of room for movement. Unique personal touch to designs are also very important for us to create a perfect suit for our customers.  


After making final decision about design and material, our master tailor will begin measuring your body. We need at least 22 different measurements each customer to ensure the desired perfect fit. After that, we will be able to cut your paper pattern that we will keep on file and use for future orders. 

First Fitting

The first fitting is a session where you try on the "demo" version of the suit jacket (a plain baste) made up in the cloth you have selected. It's very easy to alter anything at this stage as after this stage we will rip the jacket down completely to re-cut any adjustments that we notice. The adjustments will also be made to the personal pattern that we have on file for you. This is to ensure future commissions can go straight to the final stage.  

Second Fitting

The second fitting is when the suit jacket is much more advanced and almost finished (80%) with Collar, Linings and Facings. Now you can see an elegant timeless style emerging on your body. We again chalk the adjustments that we feel need to be made and convey them to our production team.   

Final Fitting - The Finished Suit

At the final fitting, we try the coat on one last time to make sure that we are both happy with the outcome. At the final fitting, there are rarely adjustments to be made, however, if there is a posibility then I like to correct it before the client starts to wear the suit. Every product will have to be perfect before being taken away to wear at Veston Ngoclan.

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169 Bach Mai, Thanh Nhan, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi, Vietnam

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