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Your Own Sartorial Style


Its has been 30 years since the first time Veston Ngoclan start our journey into the menswear's world in the Vietnam. With our passion, understanding and continuous improvement, Veston Ngọc Lan has made very good impression with thousands of customers as a brand which represents style and success of modern gentlemen.   

​The Fusion of English and Italian Style

We fall in love with both the sharpness and the liberation of men in suits.

On the one hand, English style honors the precision of details such as a clean back, a sharp shoulder, a well-done lapel, accurately stitched hem-line. On the other hand, Italian Style focuses more on the overall shape and silhouette of the Garment. Italian Suits are often slimmer at the waist, their structures are also made very light-weight, these qualities make them beautiful especially when wearers move. The jacket's waist sitting close to the wearer's body while the hemlines gliding through the air following each walking steps give off an overall impression of freedom and energy. The color and pattern of fabric used to Italian Suits is also more lively and colorful then English suit.

At Veston Ngoclan, our designs will apply both valuable details of English Suit and sexy shape of Italian Suit, yet they will be adapted with careful considerations to each body’s characteristics, measurements and personal needs to bring our customers the “perfect suit" we always dream. 

Outstanding Technique

With 30 years working in Vietnam fashion industry, we are so proud to export thousands of Suits to European market with very strict quality standards. The opportunities to work with Apparel Industry's experts from around the world really help us constantly updating and learning the best skills and know-how in the tailoring business; combining with our years of research and understanding about Vietnamese bodies, all of these aspects help Veston Ngoclan's products establishing great reputation in the heart of our people in the country.

We always want to bring our customer the best suits with state-of-the-art material, great form and perfect finishing.


Design & Creativity 

Beside technical perfection, Veston Ngọc Lan also gets a lot of love and attention from customers as well as fashion lovers through our creative ability in apparel design. 

From basic items in menswear to brand new fusion between classic tailoring and different contempory/traditional designing elements, all of them are delivered professionally and deliberately by Veston Ngọc Lan. Our customers can always find fully new inspiration and interesting experience coming to Veston NgocLan.  


Veston Ngọc Lan

Our Customers

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