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Review Us On Google
To Get a 20$ Voucher 

(This program is only applied to customers who haved used Veston Products & Services)

Step 1: Go to your web browser 

Go to your web browser: Chrome, Safari, Google, Firefox...

Step 2: Find keyword "Veston Ngoc Lan"

Search for the key-words "Veston Ngọc Lan" on a searching tool.

Step 3: Click on "Reviews" section

Choose "Reviews" section along side other sections: Overall, Updates, Products, etc

Step 4: Write a review

Choose number of stars and write a review for us. Don't forget to attach a picture of you wearing Veston Ngoclan suit as it's a must for this program to work ( this program is only for our customers).

Write your review then click Upload. 

Step 5: Send Result to Veston Ngoclan.

Capture your screen and send the image to our fanpage Veston Ngoc Lan at this link:

After confirming the image, we will send you Our Voucher Code, you can use the code to apply for your next purchase at Veston Ngoc Lan. 

​Veston NgocLan - Suit, Tuxedo, Vest, Tailoring

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