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Warranty Policies

Veston NgocLan offer lifetime warranty on all product


Customers can order us to shortening or lengthening your garments. 


Customer's measurements can change which makes garment more tight or loose. We will fix that problem for you.

Sewing Stitches

I can fix it if sewing stitches get broken or malfunctioned


If you find flaws on the fabric surface (pilling, broken yarn, etc) , we can help you with that (some fixable, yet some not)

* All customer's fixing & alteration requests will be examined by our specialists for feasibility. 

* We can fix all problems related to sewing stitches for free. However, regarding problems of fabric surface, we are not guaranteed that it's can always be fixed.

* We can decline fixing in case customers don't follow our instructions for products' caring.

* We will tell our customers if there is any incurred fee before using our fixing & alteration service.

Laundry Service

Free Laundry

Standard Laundry

Free Laundry for 2 years applied for Suits from 600 usd each.  

Our Stadard Laundry Service is very affordable with a price from 5 usd per suit.

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